Meet Suzanne

Welcome to my world

I enjoy simple things
the sound of the rain
the laughter of a child
a cup of tea
a good book

I believe in Jesus and I want to shine for Him
I love to cook
Chocolate is a life essential
Fresh cut fries are my weakness

I love to make people laugh (even at my own expense)
I work out almost everyday (but I don't like it)
I order the same thing when I go out to eat (grilled steak salad)
I'm dying to get a tattoo (but I'm afraid it would split the church)

I'm a pastor's wife
I'm an introvert
I love to write


  1. In your post of August 21, you say you saw this somewhere on fb: "Don't judge someone because they sin differently than you!" I just love that. This is what we've (my husband, a pastor and I) been through for the past 9 years. We were asked to leave the Church. And we went through the desert alone.For 5 of those years, no one stopped by. We were looked at with questioning eyes.And scorned. But God was there and picked us up from the dump. Just like you Suzanne, I keep quite when I hear people judging others. May our Father bless you and your family. And may you keep enjoying simple things. Shalom


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