When You Get Bad News

My silence for the past couple weeks is due in part to a holiday, too many auctions, a mild medical emergency, and news from a friend that crushed me to the core.

Bad news is not an uncommon occurrence. People receive it every day. But when it is given to one of your people it's a different story.

It's so easy to pray for the second cousin's neighbor's friend who is diagnosed with cancer. To stop right then and whisper a quick, "Lord, please help them." Even to remember several times to pray.

But when it's a friend or someone you love it's much harder.

I've found I don't have the words to pray for my friend who heard the words, "stage four cancer in several organs," last week. I don't have words to pray other than, "Jesus, help." I don't have words of comfort to offer either. 

And that's exactly what I said.

"I don't have words but I love you."

Sometimes it's enough to just let them know we care.


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