Things I Don't Want for Christmas

 I had a few minutes to waste so I went into a local department store to browse. I saw these gloves and almost burst out laughing. And then it hit me, why not do a blog post on things I don't want for Christmas. So here it is, I'm sure I could find many more examples but I only had about half an hour to waste this afternoon.
I don't want cat or dog gloves. Nor do I want any thing that is Vera or that resembles Vera like the above bags.

These sunglasses. Ick.

Anything Justin Bieber, especially a fragrance with his name on it.

Whose brilliant idea was it to make women's bathrobes with cows and hippos? Because we women usually feel pretty fat several days of the month anyway. What woman wants to wear either of these?

These don't really need an explanation. Actually, I wish someone would explain them to me. Just tell me why.

Anything Alfred Dunner. Enough said.


  1. Your Alfred Dunner plush robe can't be returned - I cut the tags off and ate ice cream in it. (sorry). It comes with matching corn removers/toe separators - but you know its the thought that counts right? **sheepish look**

  2. OmG.... MnM's comment. We could be friends. =)


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